And here's one more cake topper tip: Be sure that your cake topper is positioned well on the cake. Use an ornament base or a plate underneath a cake topper so it won't sink into the cake. Attach small decorations to the cake or plate with royal icing and/or flower spikes.

Sand Cakes – Not real sand! Many bakers use crushed crumbs, like graham crackers, or brown sugar. The base of the cake can be covered with "sand", or the top of each exposed layer…or the entire cake! Our favorite, is when a pile of "sand" is formed at the base of the cake and spread out on the table a couple inches around it. Something can then be written in the sand, i.e. "Charlie and Beth Forever", or "CV + BE, 9/12/08". You get the picture.

Choosing the professional who will bake, assemble and decorate your wedding cake is as important as choosing the design. If a wedding planner is employed, this person will take care of this detail.

Another great way to save on these cakes is simply by doing it yourself. While it may sound like a lot of work, there are actually a lot of places in your area that may be able to help you with classes. You can gather up people and make an experiment out of it. Not only are you going to have fun, you're going to be able to look at the cake in general, and think, "Wow! I did that myself".

5. If you have a friend that has a talent for baking, ask him/her if they could bake the wedding cake as a gift to you and your husband (or wife). If they can, well, you've just save hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of dollars!

Consider flowers and fruits that add a naturally beautiful look. Your caterer or stylists can help you decide what look to go with and what is seasonally available. You can also complement the wedding cake with the overall theme and wedding colors.

Having an understanding of wedding cake prices is a crucial factor in establishing a budget for your cake. It is also important to determine the important factors needed in the design of your cake. Having the decorator enumerate the different features in your cake decoration may give you an idea on where your money is going and reduce unnecessary expenses. The most important thing you should not budget when it comes to your wedding cake is the flavor.

Wedding cakes are very much a focal point of the whole day, obviously not as important as the bride herself, but there will be a lot of attention paid to whatever type of cake you choose. And the masterpieces you will see can leave you in awe. The cutting of the cake by the bride and groom, followed by the sharing with each other and their guests is a touching and sweet moment to be cherished.

It's always a perfect idea to identify every single details of your wedding like by knowing the normal wedding cake costs, prices and to know exactly how much you need for your cake on your special day.